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Thursday’s Thoughts: The “I’ve Got The Blogging/Reading Slump” Edition

If you’re any kind of a serious blogger or reader, you struggle with them: the blogging and reading slumps, even if it’s not publicly. This past week, I noticed at least four bloggers who were struggling with either one or both and in the case of one, even reading blogs. It also ties in to what I’ve been thinking about my own blog here and reinventing the wheel here.

Both Andi of Estella’s Revenge and Kim of Sophisticated Dorkiness got me thinking (again) about blogging and reading slumps with two posts: Andi with “Getting Over The Slump Hump” and Kim with “Four Factors in a Fantastically Terrible Reading Slump.”

Andi also continued her thoughts and asked for your advice with “Blog Different” in what can we do to blog differently? Go there and contribute your thoughts if you’d like…also please go to these other posts to which I link and contribute your thoughts there too. I’m sure their authors would appreciate it.

Heather of The True and Most Completely Tales of A Capricious Reader in “The Brain Needs To Purge” echoes some of the thoughts Andi and Kim have. Especially what struck me from Heather was this:

“I don’t really want to quit. But I’m not sure I want to keep going the way I’m going.”

Finally, Charleen Lynette of Cheap Thrills writes about “How I Learned to Start Skipping Reviews and Stop Feeling Guilty,” sharing how during August she stopped blogging and also stopped reading reviews on book blogs.  She doesn’t know if she’ll continue with that practice but for now, it’s working for her. Personally, I skip reviews too and prefer posts with thoughts about books, but not necessarily only reviews.

What I like about all four of these ladies is that none of them have the answers but they are willing to question why they are doing what they are doing and yet keep doing it, that is, blogging and reading and blogging about reading, even though the methods (maybe not always writing or reading reviews, for example) might change.

If you missed last week’s Thursday’s Thoughts, feel free to visit it here: On Introversion, Facebook ‘Likes,’ and Blogging.

Live and learn

2014-09-08 13.05.18

Much of the day I spent on the couch as pictured above with Seamus, finishing one book and starting another, as it was a day off from work. I finished The Abominable Man, the seventh in the Martin Beck series, by Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo and started 10% Happier by Dan Harris. Lest one think I was a total slug, I did go to the gym this afternoon. Unfortunately, I didn’t get much of a workout as I was on the treadmill too long. Next time, I’ll just do a short warmup and then hit the weight machines. Live and learn.