All We Need is #OneWord in 2017

As I announced yesterday, my One Word for 2017 is “invigorate.” However, I hope not only to invigorate myself this year, but also you in turn. To that end, today I want to share with you a few others’ One Word for this coming year.

I encourage you to visit the actual posts to see why each blogger chose the word that they did.

So did you or are you going to have One Word for this coming year? If so, what is it? If you had a One Word post this year, share the link in the comments below and I will add to the above list as they come in. Or if you have a One Word without a post, I still will add it. I will be updating the post as they continue to come in. If you didn’t have One Word, any resolutions, reading or otherwise? If you’d like to add your One Word to Sheila’s master list, visit her blog post here or click on button.

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Bryan G. Robinson

Book Blogger, Library Assistant, both by choice. Blogger formerly known as Unfinished Person, but who is still an unfinished person. Library Assistant at small town library in Pennsyltucky.

9 thoughts on “All We Need is #OneWord in 2017”

  1. Invigorate is a good word. I love seeing the variety of words chosen each year and how the bloggers plan to apply them. I’ve chosen a word – deliberate – but the post won’t be up until later this week.

  2. I like your word choice. Mine is kind of bland: Yes. I haven’t written about it but I chose it as I was reading a book that Carrie of Care’s Books and Pie sent me. Unlike most women, I’m actually a little too good at saying “No” to things I’m asked to do and, occasionally, to challenging myself when I should. So, I decided to work on saying yes to life, this year.

  3. You picked a good word. Last year, my word was actually two: “move forward.” This year, my word is “experiment.” It’s time for me to try different things.

  4. I really like your word, Bryan. Invigorate. This is my first year choosing a word, and I am not sure I am as completely satisfied with it as I was when it first came to me, but at the same time, I think it is a good one for me given where I am right now in life and what I hope to accomplish this year.

    I am impressed with the range and variety of words that everyone is choosing for themselves.

  5. No post, but my one word is Finish. It’s my first ever and as I mentioned to my friend, I didn’t go looking for this word, it came looking for me.

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