No, I don’t know where I’m going

The Sunday

When I last left you, I just had started reading Full Dark House, the first book in the Bryant and May mystery series, by Christopher Fowler, and had put the The Leopard by Jo Nesbø, the latest available book in the U.S. in the Harry Hole series, on hold as an e-book from the Free Library of Philadelphia. I didn’t keep going with Full Dark House (not because it was bad, but because of being sidetracked by things such as Pinterest and Instagram) and then The Leopard arrived earlier than I thought, so now I’m reading that.

The second Joe Pitt Casebook, No Dominion by Charlie Huston, also arrived earlier than I thought so that will be up next. Beyond that, I don’t know, but I’m already adding more possibilities when I shelf-read at the library where I work. I now can add books that I “find,” thanks to a GoodReads app on my phone where I can scan the barcodes of books that I’m finding that I want to read later. I’m also including the list of books on Pinterest on a board appropriately called Books “found” while shelf-reading.

Two other Pinterest boards that I’ve added this week are for photo memes in which I’m participating this month (but not on the blog) on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well: #dailybookpic and #photoadayJuly. More information on the #dailybookpic can be found here; more info on #photoadayjuly, here. At the end, I might provide a slideshow to each, if I can figure out how to do it with Instagram photos.

In addition to joining the ranks of Pinterest and Instagram, I’ve also rejoined the ranks of Google+ (I can be found here), although like when I was there previously, I am wondering why. No one ever seems to be there and I feel like I’m talking to myself. At least with Instagram, I’m getting some “hearts” and know that people are seeing what I’m putting up. With Google+, it’s nothing even though I’ve tried to vary what I’ve been putting there: sort of the yang to the ying that I put on my Facebook page.

What social networks are you on? Leave me links if you like and I’ll follow you. What do you think of Google+? I now have one link that helps my readers find where I am across various platforms: Within the last couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to update my “about” pages on the various platforms to make my profile more consistent among them than it had been previously.

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10 thoughts on “No, I don’t know where I’m going”

  1. You are way ahead of me. I’m just figuring out Twitter. I have accounts everywhere (thanks, mostly, to attending tech conferences with a laptop in hand and following along as tech presenters surf the social media sites). I probably already follow you everywhere, but here I am:
    Twitter: debnance
    google+: debnance
    Pinterest: debnance debnance
    (That was easy, wasn’t it?)

    1. I don’t know if I follow you everywhere. I’m not sure about Pinterest and Google+ and I’ll ahve chieck out

  2. Ah, Pinterest – I have found myself spending more time there, too. Although I do wish that they would notify me when someone I follow starts a new board, rather than automatically have me follow it. There are some people who I have one or two interests in common – but I don’t necessarily want to see pictures of every man they find hot or every housekeeping tip they find. 🙂

    1. I don’t think I’m automatically following people. I think I have to follow them manually but I’ll check that. I agree about the different interests, though.

  3. I’m on Facebook and Twitter. I’m still not sure how to use Pinterest, even though I do have an account there, I’d have to go back and see what my handle is though.

    Google+ I can’t seem to get anything started there, although, I’ve been debating whether to set something up there as well. I’m not sure Google+ is going to take off or not.

  4. I use Twitter the most (@Nose_in_a_book) followed by Flickr, which was my route into all this blogging palaver ( followed by Facebook, but that’s mostly personal stuff, followed by Google+, which I really only use for sharing links and seeing what links other people are sharing. It’s not bad, and definitely better suited for my purposes than Facebook, but not many people are on it still. Oh, and I also use Goodreads but mostly for my own records, I’m a bit rubbish at joining groups and discussions on there.

    1. Oh, I forgot I’m at flickr too but mostly blogging stuff…it’s very unorganized there. I guess that’s why I didn’t provide a link. I use GoodReads the same way, for my own records and not for anything else.

  5. I really don’t bother with Google+. It is like talking to yourself. I wish Google would go back to the old Google Reader so that we can view posts and read each other’s comments on them in one place.

    1. It is talking to yourself over there at Google+. I’ve asked questions a few times since being back there with no answers. I don’t think anybody sees what I’m writing, even though I have my settings set for “public”.

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