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That’s basically it.

Wife on vacation for a week as she’s in a play later this week and weekend and has some day performances (since she normally works midnight shift, only made sense to take week off). It’s called Rapunzel! Rapunzel! A Very Hairy, Fairy Tale! and she’s the gypsy (even has a song). She’s sick too, but on the downside of it and hasn’t stopped her from going to rehearsals or going to work. Me? I’m just glad that I made it through work this week and then to the weekend where I’m the guy in the video above and finishing up a binge watch of this this morning:

Reading? Later, when I feel better.

See y’all next week. I can’t even muster up the strength to post this to all the umpteen social media outlets. Hope y’all see it anyway. Share what you’ve been up to in the comments (and your pity, if you want because I sure haven’t gotten enough pity lately. ;) )

A case of the fortunately/unfortunatelys

Photo by Yancy9, via Flickr

Some guy (not Bryan) with Sherman Alexie.

Fortunately, last February Bryan was supposed to see author Sherman Alexie, even taking a day off from work for him and his wife to attend.

Unfortunately, the event was canceled because of snow.

Fortunately, it was rescheduled for March.

Unfortunately, that was canceled because Alexie had bronchitis.

Fortunately, it was rescheduled once again, this time for April.

Unfortunately, because of a marketing snafu, Bryan didn’t receive an e-mail notification about the April event that was already sold out.

Fortunately, Bryan had the opportunity to go see author David Sedaris last night.

Unfortunately, Bryan learned last week that his and his wife’s car needed struts and bearings and since he and his wife are still waiting for their mechanic to get back to them on the costs, and they were told that they shouldn’t drive the car too far, Bryan was unable to go last night to see Sedaris.

Photo by Alan Sandercock, via Flickr

Some people (Bryan not among them) waiting for David Sedaris at a book signing.

Fortunately, Bryan is a book blogger so he has somewhere he can vent about it with people who will throw him a pity party.

¬†Author’s Note: Who knows? Maybe the third time will be a charm for Bryan in his attempt to seeing an author, but he’s not holding out hope as with Alexie, the third time was supposed to be a charm.¬†

Let the pity party commence…in the comments. But if you’d like really to be mean and rub it in, please tell Bryan what authors you have been…shall we say…fortunate enough to see? Bonus points for those who mention Sedaris or Alexie or even both. Those with the best comments won’t win a book because after all, you probably already got one at the book signing.