The books I forgot to tell you I read

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I realized after writing last week’s Sunday Salon post that I forgot to tell you about the books I read earlier this month…

…so without further ado, now I’ll tell you:

  1. Ms. Marvel, Volume 1: No Normal by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona
  2. The Order, Volume 1: The Next Right Thing by Matt Fraction, Barry Kitson, and Mark Morales
  3. The Order, Volume 2: California Dreaming by Matt Friction and Barry Kitson
  4. Virtual Unreality: Just Because The Internet Told You, How Do You Know It’s True? by Charles Seife

Out of the four, the Ms. Marvel collection and Seife’s book were the highlights with the first volume of The Order pretty good and the second one, just disappointing and probably why the series didn’t continue, although the group did appear in other comics later. Instead of what would be no doubt my feeble attempt to explain what and who The Order is and were, I’ll let this wiki on the site break it down for you.

Perhaps tying into my reading of Seife’s book or treatise, I had to search for about half an hour to find that link so that hopefully I’m not misrepresenting what The Order is within the Marvel universe. After surfing around, it looked like this link was the best since it was from itself even though like other “wikis,” it is written by people with aliases. Seife examines both Wikipedia and online personas in his book, with the latter of course being of interest to me since I didn’t use my real name for many years on the blogs I wrote.

Ms. Marvel was infinitely better than either of The Order collections, and I look forward to reading the second collection, Ms. Marvel Volume 2: Generation Why and, when it comes out in late June, Ms. Marvel Volume 3: Crushed. Again instead of what would be my feeble attempt at an explanation, I’m going to let someone else explain, this time, Swapna Krisha, managing editor of Panels and a contributor for Book Riot, who reviewed the collection last November. In fact, I doubt I even would have wanted to read this collection if it hadn’t been for Swapna, but after seeing her profile picture on Twitter where she is dressed up as Ms. Marvel, I was intrigued. Thank you, Swapna, for introducing me to Kamala.

As for what I’m reading now, I plan to start the sixth in the Tony Hill and Carol Jordan series, Fever of the Bone, later today and also have the seventh, The Retribution, out from the library where I work. Another book from our brary, and to which I might get this long holiday weekend, is Blood on Snow by Jo Nesbo. Last in the mix is The Deaths of Tao by Wesley Chu to which I’m returning after abandoning it last month for personal reasons (see end of post if you’re interested in my reason why), because I still want to read it.

Have you read the new Ms. Marvel? If not, why the hell not? Get to it already. Are you doing any reading this Memorial Day Weekend? If so, what are you reading? If not, what’s your next read or your last good read?

FYI: I have updated my “About” page (yes, again), this time to refocus my blogging on what my previous blog was focused: the journey of an unfinished person through the lenses of body, mind, and soul. In keeping with that, I also wrote two short posts earlier this week: Me and caffeine, and Am I ever gonna change? with the answer to that last question being, as you can tell, yes as I am still unfinished.

Am I ever gonna change?

Am I ever gonna change?

It is a question I often ask myself and the answer too often is usually no, or not much.

However, earlier this year I did make a goal to “do” daily devotions morning and evening and for the most part, I have kept to that.

Now with that “under my belt,” so to speak, it is time to add something: a daily walk. Even if it is for 15 minutes, it is something and as we all know, that is better than nothing.