About Endings – And Continuations

Sunday Salon 11-16-14

M*A*S*H, Parks and Recreation, Raising Hope, Portlandia.

Recently my wife and I watched the end of these series, some, only the end for now on Netflix. Others, forever.

It has gotten me thinking about endings – and continuations – in general. This also seems apropos as we are coming up on the end of the year. I already am looking back on the year, and it’s not even over.

I like to read series, especially crime and mystery series, but I am finding with several, I am getting weary of them, about halfway, sometimes even a quarter way through them. And unlike Andi, who recently wrote about never abandoning books, I don’t always feel like finishing series. Maybe to put it simplistically, if the author, in my not so humble opinion, decided to “crap out” on his series, then why shouldn’t I be allowed to do the same?


So does that mean if I’ve been crapping out on my blog, you can crap out on reading it? Does this mean the end of my blog? No, at least as far as the end for me. As with books, you always have the choice to “crap out” on a blog. However, as for me, I am, and will be, continuing this blog…with a new blogging schedule, of course. I hope you will continue reading it even though I only will be posting once a week.

I started the year with the goal of posting daily, then five days, then four, then three…and now one. I think it’s that I’ve decided I can combine all those posts into one, about what I’m reading, watching, and listening to, what I’m grateful for, and links that have caught my eye for the previous week. I am rethinking of renaming these posts on Sundays too, but more on that when I actually do it. Let’s just say it’s about synergy.


Besides Andi’s post, here are some others that have caught my eye recently:


So I think I’m going to end it, like Ti did earlier this week, with thinking about those things I’m looking forward between now and Thanksgiving:

  • First up is today as I’m looking forward to just being able to chill after working yesterday, which will include reading Sunday Salon posts.
  • Next up is, “stealing” from Ti but I’m doing the same, preparing my reading list for my Thanksgiving break as I’ll be participating in Thankfully Reading Weekend from Nov. 27 through Nov. 30. I have a few books on the shelf so far, but I’m not committed to anything yet.
  • This Friday, my wife and I are going to see a local band The Now and Not Yet play out at a bar. We went to see them this past Friday at another place and are looking forward to seeing them again this time where the guitarist will break out his electric guitar (usually they play acoustic music but for this setting, they allow him to plug in).
  • While my wife and I do have Thanksgiving off together, she has to work that night so will be sleeping most of the day. We’ll still have Thanksgiving dinner, and she does have Wednesday off as do I, so we’ll spend that time together too, especially as – and last but not least thing I’m looking forward to between now and Thanksgiving – we celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary on Nov. 23. We’ll be celebrating that Wednesday, maybe with a viewing of Mockingjay and a rare lunch together, because she’s working a 12-hour shift next Sunday. But hey, at least, we’ll be celebrating.

So what are those things toward which you’re looking forward between now and Thanksgiving? Share here in the comments and/or on Ti’s original post. Also be sure to stop by the other links I’ve provided and comment there as well.


The Sunday Salon: The Scattershot Edition

banner1Scattershot. That’s how my mind has been working this week so that is what you are going to get here today (Saturday morning as I draft this).


This past Monday, it was like Christmas had arrived early as when I got to the library as both a book AND a movie were waiting for me on the hold shelf when I arrived at work. The book was The Burning Room, the 19th Harry Bosch, by Michael Connelly; the movie, The Edge of Tomorrow. Kim and I watched the movie Monday night and I devoured the book Wednesday morning and early afternoon before going into work for a short day.


We were surprised by how good the movie was but how little we had heard about it. It reminded us of the movie Groundhog Day (which is one of our favorites) but with a sci-fi twist. The book, meanwhile, did not disappoint me as Connelly is coming to the end of Bosch’s career as an LAPD detective. Unlike many other mystery series I’ve been reading, Connelly’s Harry Bosch series hasn’t faltered after 10 books. The series did have one misfire, in my opinion, but it recovered unlike those other series.


I’m a little late on some of these but I have to share a few blog posts that have caught my eye within recent weeks:


On tap: Probably continuing Serge Storm series by Tim Dorsey that I started last week with Florida Roadkill and Hammerhead Ranch Motel. Next up: Orange Crush. Also continuing Dave Robicheaux series by James Lee Burke I’ve been reading. Next up: The Stained White Radiance. One other book: Falling Sky by Rajan Khanna, which reminded me at least in its description of a series I really enjoyed by  Chris Wooding. As I have three days off this weekend, I’m thinking a book a day. Update: As of Saturday night, I’ve finished Orange Crush  (let’s just say crazy plot twists but a hell of a lot of fun) and will be on to Burke’s book later today.

Sunday Salon 11-2-14

Where the river flowed and will flow

As I’ve been doing this so far this year, I thought I’d look back at my previous month and ahead to my next month in terms of goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year and highlights for the previous month. This month, however, instead of doing the post in a checklist fashion, I thought I’d look at the whole. With that in mind…

To start October, I talked about letting the river flow where it would with my reading, but continuing to work on scheduling my life, using the My Effectiveness Habits app on my phone and finishing The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. On the reading front, I did just that, as I picked up and discarded several books from the physical and virtual library while keeping a few, with the other four that I read, in addition to the Covey, being Those Who Wish Me Dead by Michael Koryta, and Black Cherry Blues and A Morning For Flamingos by James Lee Burke, and Florida Roadkill by Tim Dorsey.  I updated y’all twice on how organizing my life has been going so far, first explaining what I called the James 1:19 method and then updating how that was going after I finally finished reading Covey’s book.

Along the way, my plan to blog three to four times a week was derailed when my wife and I went to the wedding of one of her sisters and I wasn’t able to get back on track the rest of the month.  The other big family event was the birth of my first niece, Grace Elizabeth, born Oct. 2, 2014, to my sister Lisa and her husband Warren at 9:54 a.m. That is she with me and her brother, Jonathan, above. I’ve mentioned in the past, only half-jokingly, I’m constantly leaving a slot for a new blogging schedule and with that in mind, I’m considering going to posting once a week, at least for the winter. I’m not shutting down, moving, or renaming the blog (again), but I am taking the blog at a more leisurely pace instead of the plan at the beginning of the year to blog daily.

Musical interlude, with a selection from one of the new albums from this past month that caught my ear:

Other albums that caught my ear: Goats by Xylouris White, Tomorrow Was The Golden Age by Bing & Ruth, Flatland by Objekt, Then It All Came Down/You’ve Always Meant So Much To Me by Wrekmeister Harmonies, and Atomos by A Winged Victory for the Sullen.

For this coming month, I have a few things on tap, with the highlight being  my wife and I celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary on Nov. 23. Unfortunately on that day, my wife is working a 12-hour shift, starting at midnight and ending at noon, but she does have Tuesday, Wednesday and Thanksgiving off. I have off Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving for a long weekend and earlier in the month, I do have a three-day weekend on Nov. 8, 9, and 10 as I work on Saturday, Nov. 15, and usually have the Monday off before the one Saturday a week I work. Right before that Saturday, we’ll be going to see friends who are in a band on that Friday, Nov. 14.

Reading? Not sure yet. Watching, though, I know…THIS:

How about you? How was your month of October and what are you looking forward to in November? Read any good books, heard any good music, watched any good movies, last month? And/or what do you have on tap for November?

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