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The Sunday Salon 7-27-14Time and place // 6:46 a.m. Eastern Time as I start this. The couch of our living room.

Eating and drinking // Ugh. What haven’t I eaten and drank this week (yes, including spam/teriyaki spam of all things), especially yesterday? Wings. A drink called Lady of the Lake (more on why later). A mint matcha chip tea and yes, part of the reason I have heartburn this morning…can’t imagine why. ;) But going to have iced coffee shortly…and going to breakfast with wife and in-laws at 8 a.m.

Reading // Tibetan Peach Pie by Tom Robbins. Not very far into this one, but I am enjoying this memoir/not-memoir so far.

Watching // The Grand Budapest Hotel. The Wife and I watched earlier this week and we really enjoyed it, although I still think Moonrise Kingdom is our favorite Wes Anderson…so far.

Listening // Sunday morning routine, and not that it’s a bad routine, but it is: Sleepy Hollow on WXPN from Philadelphia.

Photographing // The main thing: getting together with aforementioned family because my wife was in a musical Spamalot the past two weekends and last night her dad and stepmom came up from Maryland (to Pennsylvania) to see the show. Oh, the show? Um, yeah, it was amazing!…and not just my wife either, but of course, especially her. Yesterday was Day 51 in 100 Happy Days meme that I’m doing.

Saying // Not a lot…but more on that later.

Doing // Mowed the lawn yesterday. I guess that counts as doing, right? Other than that, not “doing” a lot.

Hating // Heartburn. Duh. Didn’t I already say that? ;) Hmmm. Look at photo. That (food and drink) might be why. Well, technically, I only said I had it, but yes, I’m hating it too.

Loving //  Spamalot. Again, duh!

Anticipating // A more regular schedule here on the blog which I will be announcing next Sunday.

Oh, yeah, Lady of the Lake is one of the characters in the musical, in case you were wondering. The drink? Rum and blue curacao.

So what are you up to this weekend? Reading, watching, listening to anything good?

Sunday Salon 7-20-14

From World of Trouble To Spamalot

Reading: World of Trouble by Ben H. Winters which I read on Tuesday, the day it was released. Next up: Tibetan Peach Pie by Tom Robbins, which I am planning on reading today.

Watching: Longmire, based off the Craig Johnson novels. Now just have to wait for Season 3 to end on TV so can get on Netflix. Next up: Endeavour, Series 2, which already is available on the PBS app on the Roku, first three episodes anyway, and anticipate the fourth and final episode of series to be up shortly after airs tonight.

Listening to: This afternoon I plan on tuning in to a little bit of the 2014 Pitchfork Musical Festival from Chicago. This morning, while I’m reading other Sunday Saloners and other book bloggish posts, I’m chilling to Sleepy Hollow on WXPN out of Philadelphia. Maybe later tonight, I’ll find something to listen to from the West Coast to round out my listening. :)

Photographing: #100happydays. Highlight was this photo from Wednesday.

Saying: Not much. Scaling back on saying anything as I decided to not do three scheduled posts reflecting on themes of blog: Body, mind, and soul.

Doing: Not much. Sister, brother-in-law, and nephew were supposed to come over Monday or Tuesday, but didn’t work out.

Not grateful for: The blahs I’m feeling lately, including lack of motivation and focus here on the blog.

Grateful for: Wife, talented enough to be in a local theater’s production of the musical Spamalot that I will be going to see with her dad and stepmom this Saturday night for final performance. Ending four-day weekend Tuesday with getting aforementioned World of Trouble on hold on ebook from The Free Library of Philadelphia and then having time to read it in one sitting (with nap in between).

So what have you been reading, watching, listening to, photographing, saying, and/or doing this past week? What is the one thing for which you are most grateful this past week?

UPDATED July 2014 Blogging Schedule

Back on July 8, I gave you my original blogging schedule for this month, but since then, I’ve hit a lull here. So here’s my updated blogging schedule for the rest of this month:

UPDATED: July 2014 Blogging Schedule

  • Tuesday, July 15: Summertime music
  • Thursday, July 17: What I’m saying: Soul at 45 – from the Assemblies of God to the Episcopal Church of America. With stops in between.
  • July 20: Sunday Salon: The week in review: Grateful, not grateful
  • Monday, July 21: Summertime movies
  • Thursday, July 24: What I’m saying: Mind at 45 – Trying not to lose my mind.
  • July 27: Sunday Salon: The week in review: Grateful, not grateful
  • Wednesday, July 30: What I’m photographing: Wrap of 100 days of happy in July: highlights
  • Thursday, July 31: What I’m saying: Body at 45 – Losing myself along the way. On purpose.

As you can tell, I’m not feeling very reflective. Plus these last two weekends, my wife is in a musical, Spamalot, so she’s a lot busy, meaning I’m sort of busy too. Also lately, I’m not feeling very reflective, to be honest. I’m feeling more like Netflix binge-watching Leverage and Longmire, which I’ve been doing.



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