Flashback Friday 8: The love and marriage edition

Each Friday, I use St. Ignatius of Loyola’s Examen to ask for what am I most grateful this past week? I also sometimes ask: For what am I least grateful this past week?

Most grateful for:

  • Sister-in-law getting married last Saturday afternoon: My wife and I were able to attend both wedding and reception. Also we were able to get together with friends from college on Friday night. One of them lived only a few miles from the hotel where we were staying.
  • Nasonex: Since being prescribed it early last week, it has been helping with my ears ringing not as much…

Least grateful for:

  • …but they’re still ringing some (to continue thought from above): They were especially bad this past Wednesday when we had a storm.

While I didn’t get any photos of the bride and groom, because I wanted to allow them to be able to share the photos from their photographer, this one was on the photographer’s public Facebook page of the happy couple before the wedding, so I thought it’s probably okay to share:


Here’s one also of my wife and me before the wedding, but not quite as professionally done (Brittany was otherwise engaged) ;):

2014-10-11 15.46.36

So what are you least grateful for and/or most grateful for this past week?

Of cookbooks, fashion, happiness…and more!

After a week off, I’m back to share some thoughts…but this time from others. Tomorrow and Sunday, I’ll share a few of my own, but for now, here are some thoughts from folks like you, maybe even you:

  • Trish of Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity is “Checking Out Cookbooks” and this one caught my eye because I thought my wife would be interested in this.
  • Andi of Estella’s Revenge is talking “Personally: A Fashion Passion” and this one caught my eye because while I don’t have a fashion passion…yep, you got it, my wife does. Plus my wife and I can relate to losing weight like Andi has too.
  • Vasilly of 1330v: Thoughts of an Eclectic Reader is taking up a happiness project this week and since I recently finished a happiness project and still am working on productivity, I thought I would check this one out. See if you can’t relate too.
  • Stefanie of So Many Books – the agony and ecstasy of a reading life is “Celebrating Eleven Years” of blogging this past week. Sadly, I don’t always comment there like I should but I do attempt to keep up with her posts and when I do, I always am rewarded for it.
  • Florinda of The 3 R’s Blog: Reading, ‘Riting, and Randomness gives us “A Little Techy Talk: Which Device for What?” that made me think how much I miss my tablet which has been broken for a little while. I’ve been doing many things on my phone but it’s just not the same.
  • Tanya from Girlxoxo is starting her New Year’s Resolution planning early? What?!? Well, okay, I guess. ;) See what her goals are for 2015 and maybe it will inspire you too.
  • Erin Kurup writes on her personal blog about “What would happen if you wrote like nobody’s reading?” I’ll be honest I did think about y’all this time. That’s why I’m sharing, but still Erin has some good thoughts here on the writing process, that is applicable for authors and bloggers alike.
  • Last but not least, Andi of Andilit gives a shout-out for reading in the bathroom. As a fan of Reader’s Digest when I was growing up, I am with Andi in this. Go let her know what you think.

So there you go: Some thoughts from her. I’ll be back tomorrow with Flashback Friday and then Sunday, The Sunday Salon. See y’all then.

Organizing my life: How it’s going so far

Photo by Uwe Hermann, via Flickr

Over the last several weeks I’ve been trying to organize my life via an app called My Effectiveness Habits. It is based on the book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change by Stephen R. Covey, which I also have been reading. This is a review of my experience so far and what I still am working on.

When I began using the app, I hadn’t read the book so I didn’t understand exactly how it worked. After having almost finished the book, I am beginning to understand not only how the app works, but also more importantly how I work. It is not only about what I do, a list to be checked off as I go through my day and week (months, years, and life), but also about why and how I do what I do.

For example, in the app and on the calendar, I have recurring daily and weekly duties. I don’t need to break them down into all the processes I do to complete them. I list the overall action, such as checking for interlibrary loans, then move on to the next without getting bogged down in thinking about the details or the routine.

Along with this, I have been listing those things on which I want to work: the how behind the what. Lately, that has been what I have been calling the James 1:19 method, being “quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger.” They are the underpinnings for what I do and pretty much follow the progression of my day and week. When I first arrive at work, I need to listen to understand what has happened before I got there. Then I need to be slow to speak, this is to both patrons and coworkers and our library director. It isn’t that I don’t speak but that when, and if, I speak, I think about what I say – and how I say it.

The last part, being slow to anger, is something I have to remember all the time, but most especially toward the end of the day and week. It is then that I can allow myself to get frazzled, perhaps because of the introvert that I am and just looking forward to being away from people after work. Whatever the reasoning, I am trying to keep this precept in mind throughout my day.

In addition to those things, I have goals and actions to which I want to get but haven’t yet, such as more exercise or even exercise, period. I am learning not to set them daily so as not to feel a failure when I don’t complete them – and not that I might not set them daily in the future. I’ve been setting those goals and/or actions every other day or every few days so as to feel some modicum of satisfaction when I do complete them.

In this latter category of exercise, I am allowing that I might only get to one of the actions during a given week, walking, for instance and not getting to the gym or going for a bike ride. Those might, and will, come later, but for now I can’t focus on all the actions under that particular goal. If I can focus on one action during a week for now, I’ll feel pretty good about myself and can add those other actions in later. That, at least, is the hope.

Hope: That is what this is partially about, keeping hope…yes…alive.

(Blogger’s Note: This will be my one and only post this week as my wife and I are leaving Friday morning for a weekend away as one of her sisters is getting married. See you next week.)

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