All The Books! All The Life! April 2016

All The Books!

199600All ONE of them, and it was just meh. The book was Christine Falls by Benjamin Black, pseudonym for Irish author John Banville. I wanted it to be better than it was, but unfortunately it wasn’t.

I did a hard reset in April, but then this month, I decided that none of the books were interesting me. Of course, not helping has been binge-watching shows on Netflix: The Killing, the first two seasons, and Bloodline with my wife.

I do have one or two books I’m looking forward to coming out in June so maybe I can increase my number of books read so far this year from 12 to 14. We’ll see.

All The Life!

I’ll start, as usual, with an update on #reinvigorate2016:

Body: Walked to work earlier in the month when my wife was away for a couple of weeks and also went for a walk in the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, near where I live with a neighbor.

Mind: Still not losing it so I guess that counts for something.

Soul: Meh.

Life highlights: Besides the walking at the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon with my neighbor Mike, he and his wife Kathy also invited us over to his house yesterday for a Memorial Day picnic. I also have been enjoying watching NASCAR races over in Mike’s garage, what he calls “The ManCave,” on a large screen TV, especially Sunday night when my driver Martin Truex Jr. won the Coca-Cola 600. The month started with my wife going away to visit family and then ended with her and I both having off an extra day this past weekend so we could spend time together. TV highlights: Bloodline, finished Season 2 Sunday afternoon, and The Killing (the first two seasons). Music highlights: A lot of good music was released this month, from Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool to Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book to James Blake’s The Colour in Anything. However, my favorite of the month is Debo Band’s Ere Gobez. They’re an Ethiopian band, whom I’m never heard of but thanks to Pitchfork, I’m really digging them. Here’s the whole album via YouTube:

99-Days-of-Summer-BloggingThe month ahead: This post is Day 2 of 99 Days of Summer Blogging, the brainchild of Melissa Firman, which I’ll be participating by posting each day through Labor Day. To see more about the event, click on the button at right to be taken to Melissa’s introductory post on it. Also this month is my birthday (June 9) and I have off the day of my birthday and the next day before having to work on Saturday. I’m also doing a drinkalong of Smokey and the Bandit, one of my favorite movies, with some friends on IRC (Internet Relay Chat – think “old school” Facebook Messenger). Later in the month, on June 25, my wife and I will be joining our neighbors Mike and Kathy as they celebrate their 25th anniversary with a luncheon cruise on Seneca Lake, one of the Finger Lakes,  in New York.  And last but not least, for my birthday, I’m looking forward to finally buying a pair of Bose noise-cancelling headphones to help alleviate the tinnitus I have. I can’t wait not to hear what’s going on my neighborhood (not that I live in a city by any means, but I’m bothered by the smallest noises unfortunately so I think the headphones will help mask most of the noise anyway).

In the featured image (which if you don’t see in the feed, please go to the blog to see), from top left, counterclockwise, are Wynken, Blynken, and Nod statue in The Green in our town; Memorial Day picnic at the neighbors; book cover; TV show image; a photo I took earlier this month of a tree next to our driveway; and my neighbor Mike earlier this month at the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. He and I went out for a visit and a short walk. It was a beautiful day.

So what were the highlights of your May in life, books, movies,  TVs and/or music? What are you looking forward to this month?


My father, Ronald G. Robinson (in the t-shirt in the foreground), at a Memorial Day service in Dushore, PA in 2012.

My father, Ronald G. Robinson, served in the U.S. Air Force from 1961 to 1965 stateside, mostly at Seymour-Johnnson Air Force Base near Goldsboro, N.C. where he was Airman Second Class for the Strategic Air Commend B-52 Wing. He also was stationed in Texas and Colorado. When he was young, he would take me, and then later me and my sister, to Memorial Day services every Memorial Day, and while I don’t always make it to Memorial Day services myself, I do take time to remember those who died in the service of our country on this day. I might not like the Lee Greenwood song, “God Bless the USA,” because of its ultra-sentimentality, but like my father, I still believe it’s important to never forget. So on this day, I ask you too to take a moment, even if it’s a minute to remember, and thank them silently.

This is Day 1 of 99 Days of Summer Blogging.

Diving Into 99 Days of Blogging Tomorrow

99-Days-of-Summer-BloggingInspired by a friend who recently did a #100DaysBlogging project, Melissa Firman is doing something similar: 99 Days of Summer Blogging (click on the button to be taken to Melissa’s introductory post) because there are 99 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day. So starting tomorrow and through Monday, September 5, 2016, along with Melissa, I plan on blogging every single day.

Unlike Melissa who has 206 posts in draft, which I think is commendable by the way, I don’t. I’m starting from scratch, but have an idea of what I might write about each day. I’ve already been posting daily on an app called Journey for the last few months about what I’m most grateful for each day and I might adapt that, although I might be posting the next day instead of late at night. I really haven’t decided yet. I might even do a few ahead. I already have one for Tuesday, my monthly wrap-up, that I have started.

Why else do it? Because I know I can and I enjoy projects like this. One year, I did a 100 Days of Happiness project and then this year already I’ve done over 100 days for keeping track each day of what I’m most grateful for. I also want to journal more, even if it’s a paragraph a day or a photo, as long as it doesn’t default to just a photo every day. Maybe along with me, you’ll find some nuggets of wisdom too, although some of it just might be foolishness too. Who knows? We’ll see together over 99 days.

And if you want to join Melissa and me, please do. Melissa won’t have a Mister Linky for each post, but just asks that you mention her blog and use her button, if you want, with posts. I don’t know if I plan on using the button every time unless it’s smaller, but I naturally will mention the inspiration every time.

As for this weekend, I gave a preview on Friday of what I had planned and so far, so good. My wife and I are in the middle of Bloodline, Season 2, and will wrap that up this afternoon. So what are you doing this Sunday and if American, any big plans for tomorrow’s holiday? Us? We’re going to a picnic with neighbors.

Fabulous Friday: The Swimming Pools (Drank) Edition

Fabulous-Friday-680x680 Each and every Friday, Michelle of the blog That’s What She Read shares what makes that Friday a Fabulous Friday for her and has a Mister Linky where you can share your own post of what makes your own Friday fabulous. Click on the button to be taken to this week’s post from Michelle.

So what makes this a Fabulous Friday for me?

  1. Today is the start of a 4-day weekend as I took today off from work and have off tomorrow through Monday as many Americans do.
  2. Today is the day that Bloodline, Season 2, drops on Netflix and my wife and I are planning to watch it later this weekend. In addition to Bloodline, I also want to catch up on the first two episodes of Wallander of the last season via PBS on the Roku. I might continue with a show new to me that I discovered with the help of Heather of the blog Bits & Books: Rake (she mentioned it on Twitter a few days ago, then I saw it available on Netflix and thought “Why not give it a try?” so I did). I’ve only watched one so far, but it was good and I’d like to see the other 15 that are available on Netflix.
  3. I participate in a drinkalong with a group online via Internet Relay Chat (think old school Facebook Messenger) and this Saturday night, we’ll be watching The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across The Eighth Dimension, which I’ve heard of but never have seen. My wife actually has off Saturday night/Sunday morning from work (midnight shift as a 911 dispatcher) and will be joining us, so yeah, basically we plan on getting tanked Saturday night. Woo hoo!
  4. We’ve been invited to a picnic Monday afternoon by a couple of neighbors  and we’re looking forward to it. At least, we’ll have Sunday to recover before we start the party back up on Monday. 😉
  5. Next Friday, I’ll be able to order the Bose noise-cancelling headphones I’ve been waiting to order since…well…it seems like forever. Then it will be another week (about) before they arrive, hopefully on or around my birthday, Thursday June 9.

Here’s where the title for today’s post came from (which really isn’t a glorification of overindulging in alcohol if you really listen):

What makes this a Fabulous Friday for you? Share here and/or on Michelle’s blog (link above on button).

Fabulous Friday – A day off and new music

Fabulous-Friday-680x680 Each and every Friday, Michelle of the blog That’s What She Read shares what makes that Friday a Fabulous Friday for her and has a Mister Linky where you can share your own post of what makes your own Friday fabulous. I thought I’d join in this Friday and try to join in on subsequent Fridays. Click on the button to be taken to this week’s post from Michelle.

So what makes this a Fabulous Friday for me?

  1. I have the day off today as I do before the one Saturday I work a month. I don’t quite understand it but it has something to do with the way pay weeks fall and I’ll take it, especially since I won’t be working next Friday either as I’ll be taking a vacation day. So what’s on the agenda? I don’t really know. Wings, most likely, this afternoon, but otherwise, I don’t really know. I need to mow the lawn, but I’m not super committed to it and might wait until Sunday. We’ll see.
  2. Tomorrow is a short day at work as the library is closing early for a wine and design fundraiser so it will be a short day. I mean, yes, I’m not getting paid for a full day, but I’m all right with that as maybe I can mow when I get home then. Or I can do what I’m doing now, listening to new music, right now Ariana Grande from her new album Dangerous Woman. I’m still waiting for Beyoncé’s album Lemonade to go streaming to other services (like Google Play Music to which I have a subscription) and I’m hoping Queen Bey will release it at least by Memorial Day. Fingers crossed.

I’ll leave you, though, with another album I’m waiting to stream elsewhere (this one only on Apple so far):

What makes this a Fabulous Friday for you? Share here and/or on Michelle’s blog (link above on button).